Civil Rights

We have extensive experience, spanning nearly a decade, of litigating civil rights cases, mostly in the area of informed consent and parental rights with regard to mandated medical products. Representative examples include successfully challenging OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on employers with over 100 employees, successfully challenging a flu shot requirement in Massachusetts, successfully challenging a California school district’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, successfully obtaining an order compelling the FDA to timely produce all data it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, winning a demand to remove false information regarding COVID-19 vaccines from state-run social media, lodging a formal complaint with the International Criminal Court regarding deaths from the DTP vaccine, demanding improvements to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, petitioning to require proper studies of HepB vaccines, responding to the DOJ’s opinion regarding mandating emergency use products, and filing petitions to the FDA to require more robust clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccines. Our clients typically seek to promote informed consent and parental rights, and we also work with legislative representatives across the country to assist them in drafting legislation in these areas. WaPo has described our work in this area as “powerful,” and opinion pieces by our attorneys are featured in publications such as Stat News, Bloomberg, and Real Clear Policy as well as regularly appearing on national news to provide commentary.

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