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Student Exemptions

Preserving your right to say NO. We have extensive experience in preparing, filing, and obtaining medical and religious exemptions to vaccination for students. If you would like to retain our services, please fill out our intake form for a free consultation.

Individualized Assistance with Obtaining Student Exemptions

Typically the most efficient and economical avenue to avoid a vaccine mandate is to obtain a religious or medical exemption. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals obtain a vaccine exemption. For religious exemptions, note that religion is defined broadly under applicable law, so you do not need to belong to any specific religion. Your religion does not have to be opposed to vaccination because it is the personal religious belief that matters. If you are seeking an exemption, you can retain us for individualized assistance.

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Requirements for student exemptions vary by state. All states provide for a medical exemption which is often difficult to obtain and typically must meet the criteria set forth by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). We regularly work with treating physicians and negotiate with school administrators to have valid medical exemptions approved.

Regarding school-aged children and college students, many states also provide a religious exemption. Most schools and institutions of higher education require that students (or parent if the student is a minor) submit a statement of beliefs describing their religous beliefs and practices. Schools and institutions of higher education are allowed, and often do, reject religious exemptions if they do not meet certain criteria.

Through personal representation, we can assist you in avoiding common pitfalls when submitting a religious exemption for school and college. We have assisted many families across the country obtain the student exemption they needed.

A small number of states also allow for a philosophical or personal exemption, but efforts are underway to remove these exemptions. For this reason, if you have a medical or religious basis for an exemption, it may be prudent to obtain an exemption on one of those bases.

We’ve obtained student exemptions from these institutions:

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Our team of vaccine exemption attorneys has experience and a successful track record of helping clinical rotation students.

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