Blog: Immigration Attorneys

image of mother and son at immigration attorney desk getting help with immigration process

Why You Need An Immigration Attorney

For those dreaming of building a new life in the United States, immigrating through proper legal channels is crucial but fraught with complexities. The U.S. immigration system is a bureaucratic...


image of a cell phone with social media icons flowing out of it, representing social media and its effects on immigration

How Social Media Affects Immigration Process

In today's digital age where so much of our lives play out across social media platforms, it should come as no surprise that the U.S. government is paying closer attention to the online footprint...


image of man and wife holding hand up rejecting a vaccine

How to get a Vaccine Waiver for Immigration

Vaccines have become so prevalent in our society lately, and there are mandates everywhere – schools, workplaces, for travel, and for immigrants. Luckily, for immigrants seeking lawful permanent...