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Siri & Glimstad is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers! We are devoted to combatting any and all deceptive, unfair, and dangerous business practices.

Our experience includes fighting back against false advertising, hidden fees, bait and switch schemes, predatory lending practices, fictitious sale prices and dark practices, as well as helping those who have been injured by consumer products.

Not all consumer protection law firms are the same. We at Siri & Glimstad pride ourselves on achieving excellent results for our clients. Our compassion, care, and zealous advocacy sets us apart from and above the rest of the pack. In addition, our creative advocacy and depth of experience enables us to protect our clients from abusive business practices and, more importantly, to be successful in complex consumer litigation against major companies and financial institutions.

If you need help with a consumer protection matter, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible. Strict time limits apply to file a case.

Bank Fees

Siri & Glimstad is helping consumers fight back against excessive and unfair bank fees, including bank bounced check or returned item fees and overdraft protection fees. Consumer protection laws prohibit banks from misrepresenting the fees that come with using your bank account, and from charging you multiple or excessive fees for a single transaction. Our class action attorneys are currently litigating several class action lawsuits against major national banks on behalf of consumers who allege they were charged improper fees by their bank.

Fictitious Sales

Federal and state laws govern the pricing of consumer goods and protect you from being tricked into buying something that you think is on sale when it’s not. Siri & Glimstad is committed to fighting these deceptive practices and other nefarious retail practices designed to manipulate consumers.

Do you believe that you were the victim of a fake sale? View all of our sales investigations here:

Consumer Fraud

We protect consumers’ rights when they have suffered losses because of false advertising, misrepresentation of product features, undisclosed or unwarranted fees, breaches of warranty, and unfair or predatory lending. Numerous state and Federal laws protect you from these unscrupulous practices. Our class action attorneys have substantial experience identifying unfair and deceptive practices that give rise to claims under these consumer protection laws.

Consumer Product Injuries

Our partner firms are committed to obtaining compensation for those that have been injured by a consumer product. If you were injured by an item that you purchased, we would like to speak to you.

View our open consumer product injury claims and investigations here:

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