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Federal Requests

image of documents and a magnifying glass with FOIA written on them

The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) is an invaluable tool to pierce the veil government agencies often hide behind to avoid accountability for their conduct. Our firm regularly submits FOIA requests on behalf of clients who demand transparency concerning government activities.

State Requests

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We have extensive experience successfully navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth of requests, appeals, and suits in order to obtain government records. We have submitted hundreds of requests at the state level and have a reputation with many government agencies for being efficient, persistent, and tenacious.

Your FOIA Team

image of aaron siri
Aaron Siri
Managing Partner
Location: New York
image of casey glimstad
Casey Glimstad
Location: New York
image of elizabeth brehm
Elizabeth Brehm
Location: New York
image of allison lucas
Allison R. Lucas
Location: Michigan
image of michael connett
Michael Connett
Location: California
image of scott pietrowski
R. Scott Pietrowski
Location: New York
image of catherine cline
Catherine Cline
Location: Florida
image of marc dudley
Marc Dudley
Location: New York
image of annalise beube
Annalise Beube
Location: Florida
image of britney long
Britney Long
Location: Texas