Vaccines & Child Custody/Family Law Matters

The decision of whether or not to vaccinate a child should always be the parents’ choice. However, in instances where the parents disagree, conflicts ultimately arise that can lead one parent to take legal action to have the child vaccinated.  This firm does not handle family law matters, however, in certain cases, we may be able to provide legal services on a limited basis concerning the sole issue of vaccination.  In order for us to consider your case for review, you must meet the following criteria:

First, you must have already retained a local family law attorney.  Because we do not practice family law, our representation in these matters is limited to the deposition and/or cross-examination of the opposing party’s expert witness(es).  If we can assist you, your local family law attorney will also have to file certain paperwork in order to allow our attorneys to enter an appearance in the case.

Second, there must be an active case.  Threat of filing in court from the child’s other parent is not an active case.  If you have concerns preceding an active case, we suggest you speak with your local family attorney on how to best handle the emergent concern.

Third, there must be expert witnesses involved on the issue relating to vaccination.  Whether it be on your behalf, or the opposing party’s behalf, there must be an expert retained to testify on the issue of childhood vaccination.  We do not provide expert referrals.

Fourth, there must be either a scheduled deposition for the expert witness(es) or a date for trial set where the experts are scheduled to testify.  Specific dates are not necessarily required but will ultimately expedite the decision on whether we can commit to the case.

These requirements are not conclusive of our considerations but are the minimum requirements necessary for any case we engage in this area.  If your case meets the above specified criteria, please submit your information below and one of our staff members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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