University Exemption List

Siri & Glimstad LLP has been contacted by college students across the country regarding exemptions from vaccinations in order to enroll and attend their universities.  The following are exemption forms and/or policies for certain universities. If your university is not on the list, contact your university and request their exemption forms and policies.  Most colleges provide either a religious or medical exemption, or both, which may vary by state.  If you require assistance with submitting an exemption, we may be able to provide guidance in certain situations.  Please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page.

Note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information below, including because policies are rapidly changing, and the below is for general information purposes only. Last updated: June 23, 2021.

Berea College – Contact the College’s Student Health Services by phone (859-985-1415) or email ( to request documentation necessary to request a medical or religious exemption.

Boston College – Medical and religious exemptions and “other special circumstances” may be requested via the College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Request form.  Requests must be submitted by August 1, 2021.

Bridgewater State University – Contact the Wellness Center at (508) 531-1252 or email at to request a religious or medical exemption.

Claremont – An Affidavit for Exemption to COVID-19 Vaccination as well as other vaccines is found here.

Columbia College Chicago – Request a religious exemption by submitting a typed and signed statement detailing the religious objection to immunization. The signed statement must be uploaded to the student’s MedProctor account.  For a medical exemption, students must submit a note from a licensed medical doctor explaining the nature and duration of the medical condition and identifying the specific vaccines that the student cannot receive.  The doctor’s note should also be uploaded to the student’s MedProctor account.

Cornell – The University requires vaccinations for fall students returning to Ithaca, Geneva, and Cornell Tech campuses.  The University requires specific information for each exemption, and the request must be submitted through the University’s portal.

Drexel Request medical and religious exemptions here.  The student must enter his/her email address and receive a response from with a unique link that will permit the student to begin requesting an exemption.

Duke–Request medical and religious exemption forms by emailing

Fairleigh Dickinson University – Students must provide a written and signed statement explaining how immunization conflicts with the student’s sincere religious beliefs to apply for a religious exemption.  For a medical exemption, students must submit a written statement from their healthcare provider explaining the “medical contraindication” and the time period for which the exemption is being requested.  The exemption form is provided on Medicat.

Five Towns – The University accepts medical waivers against the COVID-19 vaccine.  The medical waiver must (i) be signed by a physician, (ii) indicate a health condition which is a medical contraindication, (iii) include which immunizations are detrimental, and (iv) include the length of time for the exemption.  Submit the waiver to  To request a religious exemption, students must provide a written and signed statement or the parent may submit a statement if the student is under the age of 18.  The College may require additional documentation supporting the religious exemption.

Fordham – Students must attached documentation supporting a medical or religious exemption to the University’s Request for Exemption form.

Loyola Marymount University – The University will allow medical and religious exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccine on a case-by-case basis.  Exemption forms are available through the Vax LMU system and are due June 30, 2021, for residential students and July 15, 2021, for non-residential students.

Manhattanville – The College is accepting medical and religious exemptions against the COVID-19 vaccine.  Documentation from a licensed physician/nurse practitioner must accompany the College’s Exemption to Immunization Requirements form.  Documentation describing the religious exemption is required.  The exemptions can be uploaded to the Student’s Health Portal or emailed to

Mount Saint Mary’s University (MD) – The University considers exemptions for medical and strongly-held religious beliefs.  New students requesting an exemption should complete either the medical or religious exemption form and email it to  Additional information or documentation may be requested to support a claim for religious exemption.

Northeastern – Religious and medical exemptions may be requested. However, as of June 9, 2021, the University has yet to provide instructions.  The process for making such requests will be “posted later in June.”  Contact the University for more information.

Notre Dame – Email University Health Services (UHS) at and provide their Notre Dame ID number in the email to request a medical or religious exemption.  Documentation to support the exemption is required.

Nova Southeastern University – Pursuant to the Executive Order (Number 21-102) signed by Governor DeSantis on May 3, 2021, which banned vaccine mandates in the State of Florida, the University is no longer requiring students and staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

New York University – The University permits religious and medical exemptions. First, students must log in to the Student Health Center (SHC) Portal, select Downloadable Forms from the menu and select the appropriate exemption form, which should be downloaded and printed.  Next, students must follow Steps 1-3 on the form and upload the waiver and exemption form, as instructed.

PaceMedical or religious exemptions may be requested by completing the corresponding form and uploading it to the University Healthcare’s Secure Patient Portal.

Princeton – A signed statement from a primary care provider is required for a medical exemption and must be submitted to  For a religious exemption call (609)258-3141 to request an Application for Exemption from Immunization.

Rider University – Request a medical or religious exemption by completing the Rider University Student Request for Exemption from Vaccination form and submitting it through the Healthy Broncs portal.  A signed statement from a medical doctor must accompany a request for a medical exemption. The request must be submitted no later than June 15, 2021, for the Fall semester and December 1, 2021, for the Spring semester.

Rutgers University – Exemption requests for medical and religious reasons are evaluated case-by-case and are not automatically granted.  The exemption form is available on the Rutgers Student Immunization Portal.

Sarah Lawrence College, NY – Medical and religious exemptions are due by June 17, 2021.  Students may request a temporary or permanent medical exemption pending a written statement by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner indicating that the student has a health condition for which there is a medical contraindication to the COVID-19 vaccine.  The medical exemption must include the length of time for which the exemption is in place.  A religious exemption may be made in writing and must be dated and signed by the student or parent if the student is a minor.  The College may request supporting documentation for a religious exemption.  All exemptions must be submitted to the Health & Wellness Center by email at

Skidmore – The College will provide information on how to apply for a medical and religious exemption soon.

Springfield College –To request a medical exemption, a written certification by a health care provider who has examined the student must be made indicating that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would endanger the student due to an existing physical condition. Students requesting a religious exemption must provide a written statement indicating that the vaccine will conflict with their religious beliefs. Submit exemptions to the College’s Health Center via email at

St. John’s University – A medical exemption request can be made on the University’s form. It must include a written statement from a licensed physician, licensed midwife (caring for a pregnant student), or nurse practitioner. Religious exemption requests must accompany a personal statement and religious organization document.  All exemption documents must be uploaded to the University’s Health Patient Portal.

Stevens Institute of Technology – A Student Application for Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement must be completed when requesting a medical or religious exemption.  For a medical exemption, the form must accompany a statement from a medical provider and must include a diagnosis.  Students must submit all documents to

Suffolk University – Students requesting a medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine must provide documentation from their health care provider.  Students requesting a religious exemption must provide a personal statement of their sincerely held religious beliefs.  The exemptions must be submitted via email to or uploaded to the Student Health Portal.

State University of New York – The University is not mandating the COVID-19 vaccine until full FDA approval is received for any of the vaccines.  No information regarding medical and religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine is currently available.

Syracuse – Request medical or religious exemptions by completing the COVID-19 Vaccine Status Attestation Questionnaire, which can be accessed by logging into their account.

Trinity College (CT) – The College is not requiring students to receive a COVID-19 vaccination but strongly encourages it.

University of Maryland – Log into the University’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) to request a medical or religious exemption.

University at Buffalo – The University has not provided any information regarding exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccines.  UB, which is part of the SUNY campuses, will not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine until the vaccines receive full FDA approval.  At that point, the SUNY Board of Trustees would also need to approve a mandate before it goes into effect.

University of California – The University is not mandating the COVID-19 vaccines until they receive FDA approval.  Upon approval, the University will consider medical and religious exemption requests.

University of Chicago – In addition to exemptions for medical and religious reasons, the University is also offering exemptions for students studying remotely, those recently diagnosed with COVID, and students objecting to the vaccines based on Emergency Use Authorization status.  The exemptions for medical and religious reasons should be uploaded to the student’s Wellness portal.  The exemptions for studying remote, recent diagnosis of COVID-19 and EUA should be emailed to

University of Colorado – The University accepts medical and non-medical exemptions (religious or personal beliefs).  A licensed physician must sign the medical exemption and include a date and reason for the exemption.  To request medical or non-medical exemptions, students must log in to the MyCUHealth portal, click on immunizations, select the dates and click on the applicable exemption.  The medical exemption must be printed, completed, and then signed by a licensed physician.  Once a licensed physician signs the medical exemption, students submit it on the portal by clicking the “upload” button and following the instructions. The non-medical exemption can be prepared and submitted on the portal.

University of Massachusetts – Request medical and religious exemptions from the New Student Immunization Program (NSIP) office by calling (413)577-5275 or emailing  A medical exemption must be completed by a licensed medical provider who is not a family member and must be submitted to the NSIP office by July 15, 2021.  For a religious exemption, students must submit a written, signed, and dated statement indicating that the COVID-19 vaccine conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs. In addition, if a student is a minor, his/her parent must also submit a written statement indicating the religious objection.

University of Michigan – Students residing in on-campus housing during the Fall 2021 term are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  To request a medical or religious exemption, visit Wolverine Access and select the link under “Just for Students” that reads “Housing Vaccine Exemption Form.”  The form must be submitted by July 16, 2021.

University of Pennsylvania – The University requires a signed statement from a medical doctor, osteopath, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant for a medical exemption.  A signed Declaration of Religious or Philosophical Objection form is required for a religious or philosophical exemption.  Contact the Office of Immunization Compliance by phone at (215)746-3535 or via email at to request the form.

Wake Forest University – Request a medical or religious exemption by completing the University’s COVID-19 Exemption Request Form.  Once completed, upload via the “Document Upload” option on the Student’s Health Portal.

Washington University – A medical exemption form must include a signed statement from a medical provider.  The religious exemption form should include a signed letter from a clergy member on the religious institution’s letterhead.  Both exemptions should be submitted to Habif Health and Wellness Center via email at

Yale – A waiver request must be submitted on the University’s Vaccine Portal.  Students must log in to the portal to access the waiver.  The medical waiver will not automatically be granted and is subject to review and approval by Yale Health.  Additionally, Yale Health may require specialist consultation before approving a medical exemption.  Religious waivers must include a statement from the student describing how immunization from COVID-19 conflicts with his/her religious beliefs.

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