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Vaccine Exemptions: Military

We greatly value your service and the freedoms members of the military afford us, which is why we are proud to help you defend yours. How can we can we help you?
Preparing An Exemption | Denied An Exemption

Preparing An Exemption

As a courtesy to active-duty members of the military, we are providing complimentary access to our webinar regarding preparing a religious exemption to a vaccine mandate. Fill out the form below to obtain access. If you need any additional assistance regarding a vaccine mandate or exemption in the military, please visit Stand With Warriors.

Stand with Warriors

Thank you for your service.

Please copy again here if your military email is the same as above. You must have a .mil email address to obtain free access.
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Denied An Exemption

If you have been denied an exemption by the military and need to appeal or challenge that decision, we may be able to assist. Fill out the intake form below and provide a copy of your exemption request.

Intake Form