Why You Need An Immigration Attorney

May 14, 2024 | Immigration

For those dreaming of building a new life in the United States, immigrating through proper legal channels is crucial but fraught with complexities. The U.S. immigration system is a bureaucratic labyrinth of forms, fees, interview requirements, and strict eligibility criteria to navigate. One misstep can jeopardize your chances of obtaining a coveted green card.

That’s why for anyone hoping to legally immigrate to the U.S., whether through family, employment or investment paths, having an experienced immigration attorney in your corner is absolutely essential. An expert lawyer can mean the difference between your application being approved or denied.

The Difficulties of Legal U.S. Immigration

Even for those with a qualifying relationship, job skills or investment capital, legally immigrating to the U.S. is an arduous process challenged by:

Lengthy Processing Times

Standard processing times can stretch for 12-24 months from filing to interview to decision, depending on the immigration pathway. Certain visa categories have even longer backlogs due to strict annual caps.

Complex Documentation

Proving eligibility requires compiling voluminous documents like birth/marriage certificates, financial statements, employment records, tax returns, medical records, police clearances and more from multiple sources. Discrepancies can derail your case.

Evolving Laws & Policies

Immigration laws, regulations and enforcement policies are constantly shifting based on new legislation, executive actions, and federal court rulings. An inexperienced applicant could be blindsided by changes.

Language/Cultural Barriers

For those not fluent in English or unfamiliar with American bureaucratic protocols, communication lapses during interviews or misunderstandings over questions can hamper applications.

For these reasons and more, the journey to U.S. residency or citizenship is an uphill battle filled with administrative hassles and legal pitfalls. Having a proficient lawyer to expertly navigate you through this system is invaluable.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

While nothing can guarantee approval, an experienced immigration lawyer provides vast advantages, including:

Full Case Management

A lawyer handles compiling and submitting all required forms/evidence properly and on time, assembling a strongest possible application tailored strategically to the specific visa criteria.

Up-to-Date Expertise

Immigration laws are complex and constantly evolving. Attorneys are up-to-date on the latest changes and nuances to persevere through shifting policies and requirements.

Government Interaction

Immigration lawyers frequently interact with officials to understand protocols and facilitate processes. They know how to effectively liaise with USCIS and represent client interests.

Strategic Planning

Immigration attorneys analyze all options and map out strategies aligned with client goals, including contingencies if initial applications are denied.

Courtroom Representation

If official interviews or appeals before an immigration judge are needed, having legal representation greatly increases chances for a favorable outcome.

While some immigration services exist to merely aid in paperwork filing, clients get full-fledged legal counsel and advocacy with an experienced immigration attorney. Their services are worth the investment given what’s at stake with your U.S. residency dreams.

The Bottom Line

For those committed to entering the U.S. legally, the system contains many hurdles that require professional legal expertise to clear. Do not risk seeing your immigration hopes dashed by trying to navigate the gauntlet alone. With so much at stake, an experienced immigration lawyer is invaluable to put together the strongest possible case for U.S. residency and put you in the best position for approval.

How the Immigration Attorneys of Siri & Glimstad Can Help

The immigration attorneys of Siri & Glimstad understand that the immigration process is daunting, but we are here to help. Our attorneys have experience and expertise in all aspects of immigration and we treat all of our clients with the personal relationship they deserve. Contact us today.

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