TransUnion Data Breach!

Did you receive notice that your information was compromised in the TransUnion Data Breach?

If yes, you may be entitled to COMPENSATION!

On November 7, 2022, TransUnion reported a data breach to their network.  This resulted in the exposure of the following consumer information:

  • Individuals’ names
  • Social security numbers
  • Financial account numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers

If you recently received a data breach notification from TransUnion,



The experienced Data Breach Attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are evaluating claims of people who had their highly sensitive information exposed recently as a result of TransUnion’s failure to safeguard their data.

About the TransUnion Data Breach

TransUnion is one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies.  It has over a billion users worldwide and 200 million in the United States.

Breaches involving this kind of highly sensitive information are serious matters that can cause damage that takes years to remedy.  Aside from the violation of having your private information breached, there is also a real risk of financial harm. People affected by the breach are at risk of identity theft, unauthorized charges on their accounts, new accounts opened in their names, and a disruption to their own ability to access their funds when the fraud is discovered.

How do you know if you were affected?

TransUnion says that it sent out notifications to the individuals it believes were affected by the data breach. 

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