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Medicare Fraud on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Are you a Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Sales Representative on the Mississippi Gulf Coast area OR do you work in a Doctor’s Office on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

If yes, we want to talk to you about an urgent matter!

The Attorneys at Siri & Glimstad LLP investigate possible whistleblower complaints, including those against physicians who may receive kickbacks from medical device companies. In other words, physicians may by using specific medical devices for personal financial gain, not necessarily because they are the best products on the market. In turn, Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE are billed for the medical procedures and paid with taxpayer funds.

We believe whistleblowers uphold integrity and help the government hold corporations that cheat and steal accountable. That’s why our qui tam lawyers work hard to represent whistleblowers, help them report fraud, return funds to taxpayers, and stop their employers’ unlawful conduct.

Engaging in these types of practices is dangerous for many reasons. Speak up now. Contact us for a CONFIDENTIAL consult by filling out the form below.