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Solar Power Sales Employee Misclassification Class Action Investigation

Are you a solar power sales employee who has been misclassified as a contractor?

There are several distinctions between an employee and a contractor.  These differences are important to know because there are benefits and protections that come with being classified an employee rather than a contractor. It is less costly for a company to employ contractors, and for that reason sometimes unscrupulous or unknowledgeable employers will wrongly classify workers who should be employees.  

Below are some of the differences between the two:
Employees: Work for one employer during employer’s designated hours

Contractors: Can work for multiple employers and make their own schedules

Employees: Are eligible to receive benefits such as health insurance, disability insurance, retirement benefits, etc.

Contractors: Do not receive benefits from the employer

Employees: Employer withholds Social Security and Medicare taxes on employee’s behalf

Contractors: Must deduct their own taxes when filing their tax returns

Employees: Eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they are laid off

Contractors: Ineligible for unemployment benefits

Employees: Eligible for workers’ compensation if they are injured while working

Contractors: Not covered by workers’ compensation

Employees: Covered by protective labor laws

Contractors: Provide their own supplies and cover their own expenses necessary to work

Employees: Employer owns any work product

Contractors: Submit an invoice at the end of the job

The attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are investigating claims where solar power companies’ sales employees have been potentially misclassified as contractors.  As demonstrated above, there are many reasons why companies might be incentivized to misclassify workers.  Being ignorant of the legal definitions of each is no excuse. It is an employer’s responsibility to know the employment laws that apply to their business and to abide by them. When they do not follow the law, and it results in loss of pay or benefits to the worker, then you have suffered damages and could have a legitimate legal claim.

If you have worked in sales for a Solar Power company within the last 5 years, DO NOT DELAY! You may be entitled to SIGNIFICANT COMPENSATION. Fill out the form below to have an experienced attorney evaluate your potential case and determine whether you might have a claim!