Attention PayPal Users!

Did you have your account frozen for violating PayPal’s “Acceptable Use Policy”?

A mass arbitration has been initiated against PayPal for locking users out of their accounts without explanation OR fining them $2,500 (or more) for alleged violations of their Acceptable Use Policy.

To add insult to injury, PayPal has not been responsive to customers seeking answers or wanting their funds returned.

Has this happened to you or someone you know? 

No financial institution should have the right to take money that is not theirs or deny you access to your own funds. 

About the PayPal Mass Arbitration

Some companies have a clause in their terms of use that say claims must be brought by individual arbitration only. This is to prevent people from filing class action lawsuits against them. 

When lots of people have suffered the same harm and a company has an arbitration clause preventing a class action, attorneys can turn to mass arbitration to attempt to recover damages. Mass arbitration is when hundreds or even thousands of individual claims are filed at the same time against a company regarding the same grievance. The goal is to convince a company to settle and compensate everyone instead of arbitrating each claim individually, similarly to what would happen in a class action lawsuit.

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