Defrauding the Government

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Companies that obtain federal or state funds through false representations or fraud can be sued in what are known as Qui Tam or False Claims Act cases to recover these funds. Individuals working for these companies that can “blow the whistle” on this illegal conduct are incentivized to become whistleblowers since they typically receive a material portion of the recovery (often 15 to 30 percent of the amount recovered). These cases often revolve around contractors for the government, including for Medicare, defense, and insurance, making false representations to the government as part of obtaining any government funds. It also includes other situations, such as:
  • false statements in applications for research funding;
  • selling defective or improper goods to the government;
  • billing for services or goods never provided;
  • billing for unnecessary services;
  • billing schemes that increase payment without adding value;

Any person or entity that has evidence of a fraud occurring against the government may act as a relator under the False Claims Act. If you become aware of a fraud against the government, before taking any action it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney who can offer useful advice on how best to proceed and investigate your claims.

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