Community Health Network Data Breach!

Was your information compromised in the Community Health Network Data Breach?

If yes, you may be entitled to COMPENSATION!


The experienced Data Breach Attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are evaluating claims of individuals who had their protected health information exposed recently as a result of Community Health Network’s failure to safeguard their data.

About the Community Health Network Data Breach

On November 15, 2022, Community Health Network reported that their computer network had experienced a data breach that exposed patient’s protected health information. The hackers installed third-party tracking on some Community Health Network websites, including the MyChart patient portal, which enabled patient information to be tracked and sent to websites like Facebook and Google.

If your information was involved, you may notice when you are on the internet that you see more ads related to your personal health conditions. The information sent may involve medical procedures you have had, your computer IP address, details of your scheduled medical appointments, insurance coverage information and more.

Community Health Network says it has removed the tracking technology installed on their websites and apps, and has notified anyone whose information was compromised.

If you recently received a data breach notification from Community Health Network,


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