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Trusted, strategic, and dedicated legal representation for contract disputes and LLC/partnership disputes.

Contract disputes.  Contracts are the lifeblood of business, they are intended to provide security to the parties, and to guide transactions. However, things do not always work out as planned. Sometimes it is because a situation arises that the drafters never anticipated, other times a new business opportunity requires a breach of a prior agreement. The attorneys at Siri & Glimstad are experienced contract litigators. We know how to interpret agreements and how to use those agreements, as both swords to recover damages and as shields to protect our clients. Whether it’s a problem with a partnership agreement, a breached international sales contract, multi-million dollar bond notes, or any other type of contract dispute, let us help you analyze the problem and work with you to effectively resolve the situation.

LLC/partnership disputes.  Often the best business opportunities come when individuals and companies team up to achieve a result. However, sometimes one party decides to take advantage of the other party, other times the parties just disagree. When that happens, speak with the attorneys at our firm. We have handled dozes of disputes between partners and members of closely held companies, LLCs and corporations. We know how to achieve results through efficient and effective litigation strategies.

Real Estate.  Our attorneys have been called upon when hundreds of millions of dollars in property rights hung in the balance.  We take pride in our thoughtful, careful, and strategic approach to every dispute, large and small, and our clients appreciate our methodical approach to litigation as much as our outcomes. Let us have an opportunity to understand your interests, evaluate your dispute and provide our strategic assessment so that you can compare our initial evaluation with that of any other national firm.

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