Breastfeeding Accommodations in the Workplace

Are you a working mother who needs to pump at work, but you have no place to do so?

In California, the law is on your side.  Call today to find out how!

Nursing is endorsed by medical professionals as the best way to feed your baby.  Breast milk contains nutrients and antibodies that do not exist in formula.  Today, mothers who have to work can still provide the best nutrition for their babies by pumping at work and storing the milk.  California Labor Code 1030 makes clear that employers must allow lactation breaks for mothers of infants as needed, and that the breaks must be for a reasonable amount of time.

The law also states that employers must make reasonable efforts to accommodate nursing mothers in a room other than a restroom.  The space must be in a private location, close to the employee’s work area with no other uses during lactation breaks. Furthermore, the area must be clean, free of hazardous materials, have running water, a refrigerator and a clean surface for a breast pump.  There must be somewhere to sit near an electrical outlet. All of this must also be in writing in the employee policies handbook.

California law also provides that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against or harass an employee for breastfeeding.

If your employer has not complied with California law by allowing you time and accommodation to pump,  we can help!