Cassidy Loutos
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Cassidy Loutos


Cassidy L. Loutos is an experienced attorney with a passion for understanding and carefully addressing client issues, including successfully handling nearly a hundred cases in her first two years after law school.  In addition to civil litigation, she has a special interest and passion for vaccine-injury litigation before the Federal Court of Claims, Vaccine Injury Compensation Program as she has a special needs brother who suffered a severe vaccine injury.

Prior to joining Siri & Glimstad, Ms. Loutos was a litigation attorney at Lauri J. Goldstein & Associates, PLLC and before that worked as a certified mediator for the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida where she helped parties settle a variety of civil disputes. Ms. Loutos also previously built a successful debt-settlement practice where she helped her clients seek protection from unfair debt-collection practices and legal garnishment actions, eventually helping them achieve financial freedom by negotiating down unsecured debts. Ms. Loutos received her law degree with academic honors and served as an executive board member for the American Constitution Society’s local chapter. 

When she is not practicing law, Cassidy enjoys spending time with her big Greek family and volunteering with numerous, local community service organizations dedicated to helping individuals with special needs. She also works organizing local events dedicated to raising funds and support for fellow community members who are experiencing financial and personal hardship brought on by unforeseen circumstances.